Our Mission


AT CONCEPT – Synergy of what nature provides for us + interpreting its optimization while maintaining a sensible balance, a balance achieved with the good use of our intellect + border our initiatives on spiritual upliftment of all who come in connect, a just sustenance-based initiative with the ever empowering tools of science and technology.

At Grounds level – undertake a series of small initiatives to ensure skill and execution capabilities be sharpened and slowly up the scale and its impact. Executing on 2 fronts – food and its optimal supply and knowledge spread, thereby allowing each to fully realize one’s own potential in life.

At a Vision level – harness the intellect of “retired technocrats, renowned subject specialists’, towards mentoring of high potential, financially challenged kids, addressing both their basic education as well as fine tuning their special skills to enable them to be “significant contributors’, to the society. Create a knowledge hub, the residential structure for both the teacher and the student.
Encourage old sciences hidden in the shrouds of superstition, religious sentiments, and occult be researched, studied, digitized to enable it to reach masses as an “established science”.
Face – Free meal and milk supply to schools, thru bhandaras, at identified cluster points plus setup owns “soya milk”, manufacture plant.

– Temple for research, old age home cum knowledge canter, residential school for kids, technical training and marketing center for widows and physically challenged.